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The Arts and Crafts movement began in England during the second half of the nineteenth century. It was a reaction to industrialization and mass-production, and as such it emphasized hand made items and craftsmanship. The most famous name of this first phase of the Arts and Crafts era is William Morris. Another well-known name is Charles Rennie Mackintosh. As the Arts and Crafts influence spread to America, much of the style was simplified until it became what is often known as the Craftsman style, after Gustav Stickley's Craftsman magazine. "Mission" is another name for this style, though "Mission" is often confused with Southwest style, so "Craftsman" may be a clearer term to use. Arts and Crafts Periods and Movements Art History Arts.

The Arts and Crafts movement was an international movement in the decorative and fine arts that began in Britain and flourished in Europe and North America between 1880 and 1910, emerging in Japan in the 1920s. (wikipedia)